Center for Innovation Research

Faculty Researchers

Faculty at the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business and College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters conduct numerous research projects for iLabs. The breadth of their academic and professional experience–including a wide-range of subject matter expertise–enables iLabs to assist clients in such areas as marketing research, strategic planning, financial and economic analysis, human resource studies, and technology management.

Principal Faculty Researchers

Joy Beatty, Ph.D. 

Barbara Klein, Ph.D.

Lee Redding, Ph.D. 

Crystal Scott, Ph.D.

Faculty Researchers

Pamela Aronson, Ph.D.

Elif Izberk-Bilgin, Ph.D.

Charu Chandra, Ph.D.

Timothy Hartge, Ed.D.

Jun He, Ph.D.

Young Ro, Ph.D.

Anne-Louise Statt, Ph.D.

Dale Thomson, Ph.D.

Carla Vecchiola, Ph.D.