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eCities 2018 Annual Celebration Event

Our eCities 2018 Celebration Event was held on November 29th at UM-Dearborn in partnership with the Executive Speaker Series. Below are this year's presentations and photos from the event. 

2018 PowerPoint Presentation

2018 PowerPoint Presentation

2018 Photos

eCities 2017 Annual Celebration Event

Our eCities 2017 Celebration Event was held on November 14th here at UM-Dearborn. Below are this year's presentation, program, and photos from the event. 

eCities 2017 PowerPoint Presentation

eCities 2017 Program

eCities 2017 Photos


Watch the eCities 2017 Honored Communities Compilation Video:


eCities 2016 Annual Luncheon

This year our eCities 2016 Luncheon was on November 2nd here at UM-Dearborn. Below, the presentation, given by iLabs Director Tim Davis, and the event program provide an overview of the project and the luncheon:

eCities 2016 Powerpoint Presentation

eCities 2016 Program

eCities 2016 Photos


Watch the eCities 2016 Best Practices Compilation Video:


eCities 2015 Annual Luncheon

eCities 2015 Powerpoint Presentation

eCities 2015 Program

eCities 2015 Photos

Watch the eCities 2015 Best Practices Compilation Video:


eCities 2014 Annual Luncheon

eCities 2014 Powerpoint Presentation 

eCities 2014 Program

eCities 2014 Photos

Watch the eCities 2014 Best Practices Compilation Video:


eCities 2013 Annual Luncheon

eCities 2013 Powerpoint Presentation 

eCities 2013 Program

Watch the eCities 2013 Best Practices Compilation Video:


eCities 2012 Annual Luncheon

eCities 2012 Powerpoint Presentation 

eCities 2012 Program

eCities 2012 Luncheon Event Video

eCities 2012 Luncheon Event Photos 


eCities 2011 Annual Luncheon

eCities 2011 Powerpoint Presentation 

Why Michigan? Presented by Martin Dober

eCities 2011 Program

eCities 2011 Luncheon Event Photos