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eCities 2007

eCities 2007 Best Practices Communities

The 2007 eCities project concluded with the inaugural luncheon to recognize the year’s top performing communities and share best practices of the eCities project. At the 2007 eCities Luncheon, we recognized 4 communities; Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Troy, and Wixom for their efforts in promoting entrepreneurial growth and development.


City of Ann Arbor- leverages key partnerships with local organization such as the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor SPARK. The proximity of the university provides employers with access to a highly educated workforce and opportunities to partner with university personnel on projects. Ann Arbor SPARK, a regional economic development group, offers programs, resources, and proactive support to business at every stage, from start-ups to large organizations.

City of Auburn Hills- provides tax abatements to existing organizations and potential entrepreneurial firms. Of the total parcels that are eligible to receive tax abatements, five percent of those parcels receive some tax incentive. Additionally, an efficient building permit process enables companies to maintain construction schedules while reducing the stresses for new startups and expanding corporations.


City of Troy- focuses on relationship marketing with a team of officials who regularly contact existing businesses and work with potential business to better understand these organizations’ needs. Those conversations allow the city to effectively consider local barriers that businesses encounter which government may be able to help mitigate.

City of Wixom- is flexible and responsive to the business community’s needs by leveraging public infrastructure to appeal to young entrepreneurial professionals. One of their most important attributes is being responsive on the permit process in which complete approval of the permits can be completed in as little as one month.