Center for Innovation Research

JD Power Day 2016

On Thursday, February 4, 2016, representatives from JD Power Associates will be on campus for the second annual JD Power Day. They will visit classes, meet with iLabs students and faculty, and host an open session for all UM-Dearborn students.

JD Power Day is part of an ongoing partnership between JD Power and UM-Dearborn. For several years, JD Power has provided mentors, who work with iLabs students on marketing research projects.  Nick Carulli, a Senior Research Manager at JD Power, a 2007 UM-Dearborn alumnus and former iLabs researcher has lead the engagement with iLabs. “His expertise showed us a whole different aspect of market research and analyses,” said Umer Mirza, a current iLabs researcher.

The open session of JD Power Day will begin at 2:00pm in Dining Room D, Fairlane Center South. All students are welcome to attend. They will have the opportunity to network with the JD Power representatives and ask questions about the market research industry. “These are the types of activities that iLabs and UM-Dearborn are very proud of,” said Tim Davis, Director of iLabs. ”They connect our students to experiences and professionals at companies like JD Power.”

In addition to mentoring iLabs students, JD Power has provided support for two scholarships for UM-Dearborn students who have participated in iLabs. In 2015, JD Power provided support and engaged with more than 250 students on campus.

JD Power Representatives - Nick Carulli, Molly Kuebler-Job and Alyssa Matchette - visiting UM-Dearborn COB classes and participating in a panel discussion about market research and JD Power.