Center for Innovation Research

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurship Week

Hear from local female entrepreneurs as we celebrate Women Entrepreneurship Week on October 17th, 2018! Located in the College of Business, several entrepreneurs from surrounding communities will share their stories in two moderated panels. Further, a number of entrepreneurs will be hosting pop-up tables throughout the FCS hallway, where attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of different products and learn more about the businesses and their founders.

“I am most excited about meeting all of the strong women who have successfully worked to establish themselves as entrepreneurs,” says Fatima Chahine, President of the UM-Dearborn Women in Business student organization. “It is so inspirational for us at the COB who aspire to be entrepreneurs to hear from them.”

Women Entrepreneurship Week will be celebrated by universities and nonprofits, both nationally and internationally, October 13th-October 20th, 2018.

For more information on Wednesday’s activities, please visit the events calendar.